About Basic

It´s beaverlicious!

Hey my name is Robin and I work in the creative field for several years now. I never touched the porfessional gaming industry though I have always been passionate about Indie Games and development, playing around with different engines, softwares and so on.

Nearly a decade ago I started to sell game assets online through the various known plattforms and it went out pretty well. As the years go by and the plattforms grew, sales went less and less. (Maybe because I did not continue to make that much assets… but well) Now I decided to stop commercial selling and give away all stuff for free to everyone that is interested in using them for their games, apps or whatever. If you want to know more about what you can do with the assets, have a look at the license page.

As you may noticed, I put some advertising on the page, to cover costs for hosting, maintenance etc. Hope you don´t mind.

I will try to come up with new stuff every now and then, so I would love to invite you to have a look from time to time.
If there are any questions, suggestions or requests, feel free to contact me.

That´s it, let´s keep it beaverlicious and have fun!