The Liscense

100% free for commercial purpose as well as for individuals, hobby projects students and many more.

Every asset I put on my website is done by me and I guarantee that it is 100% useable for any kind of creative project and that I won´t charge any fee etc. for it. I got some advertising on my website, so I´m fine with what comes through this. No matter if you follow commercial goals, are a hobby developer, a team of students or working in an agency, feel free to transform, re-edit and do whatever the want with the files, I really appreciate that. Of course I´m always happy if you drop me a mail whenever you used my assets somewhere, that I can take a look on what you create. Nevertheless you don´t have to. 🙂

There is just one thing I don´t allow. If you just grab my items to resell them in graphic market places, I will claim that and let it be taken down. These graphics are done to help people with their creative projects and not to be stolen and reselled somewhere else.

What´s allowed, what´s not?


  • Commercial Projects
  • Pivate Projects
  • Game Jams & Contests
  • Agencies and Freelancers
  • Re-Edit, Transform, Use etc.


  • Reselling on marketplaces without major edits
  • Use in anything that is against common law
    (fraud software, extrimistic websites)

Any questions?